Environment and Activities


Enjoy at 1800 meters of altitude

The activities at Serras Andorra are designed to provide a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. Visitors can enjoy spa treatments, savor exquisite gourmet cuisine at the Bruna restaurant, and relax in elegant rooms with panoramic views of the mountains.

Furthermore, at Serras Andorra, we offer outdoor activities throughout the year, such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and horseback riding, allowing guests to explore the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Serras Andorra is the ideal destination for those seeking a luxurious experience in a stunning natural environment.


The natural beauty of Andorra makes it the ideal location for cycling and outdoor activities. Start your day with a splendid and healthy breakfast, and let our guide unveil the majesty of the Pyrenees to you. You’ll have the opportunity to experience firsthand the most famous cycling routes while exploring the mountains of Andorra through a personalized cycling route.

In addition to offering easy-level routes, we can also create demanding itineraries for the most passionate cycling enthusiasts. After an intense day in the mountains, pamper yourself in a relaxation sanctuary at an altitude of 1800 meters and conclude the day with a unique gastronomic experience led by Michelin-starred chef Marc Gascons at our Bruna restaurant.

Horse riding

Begin your horseback riding adventure and discover the natural beauty of the region. Explore the stunning Andorran landscape on a horseback ride through the forests and most picturesque trails of the Pyrenees, immersing yourself in the tranquility of the mountains and the beauty of nature.

We offer a guided route that will take you to unforgettable places you wouldn’t be able to explore on your own, and we guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for all skill levels.

Get ready for a unique and thrilling experience.

Yoga Retreat with Claudia Arias

Enjoy a weekend dedicated to practicing health and wellness: three days to reconnect with yourself and nourish your body with the finest food in the heart of the Valle de Incles (Soldeu). A retreat that helps you unwind and dedicate time to yourself, while gaining flexibility, increasing strength and muscle tone, boosting your energy, and enhancing your posture and balance.

An unique experience to reconnect with your inner self. A retreat suitable for all levels, guided by Claudia Arias.

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Embark on a transformative journey to take care of your body and achieve healthy weight loss. Our package includes a balanced and healthy eating program designed by expert nutritionists to help you eliminate toxins. We also offer exercise sessions, including yoga and strength training, so you can enhance your flexibility, strength, and balance.

Additionally, you’ll find spa and relaxation treatments that will allow you to reduce stress and recharge your energy as you continue your path towards a healthier life.

All of this in a welcoming and peaceful environment that will help you find the peace and balance you need.


For ski enthusiasts, we offer private beginner slopes complete with their respective ski lifts, which hotel guests have direct and complimentary access to. Located adjacent to the hotel, these slopes also hold significant emotional value for the destination, as this mini beginner’s complex has just celebrated over 50 years of history, holding a special place among the local population, many of whom have learned to ski on these slopes over the years.

We are just a 5-minute drive from Grandvalira, the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees, and a famous destination in its own right. Here, you’ll find endless opportunities to enjoy the snow across nearly 250 kilometers of ski slopes. Complimentary transfers to this destination from the hotel will be provided.